Limiting Design Flaws In The Average Home

A good design in your home doesn’t mean that every single space has been utilised or it seems over-the-top. Oftentimes, successful home improvement should really focus on expanding the idea of comfort and family in order to create a home that fits your needs. Most poor designs come from a limited budget or lack of planning. These design flaws will often exhibit themselves as other newer ways of design make their way into the market, so keep reading to ensure you don’t make mistakes!

Closed windows 

Most people who live in industrialised locations often suffer from a lack of air due to the modernised nature of waking to an air conditioned or heated room, and the long commute to work in a car. We often refuse to open our windows as the air quality outside may be less than tolerable, and most older homes have windows that have been painted shut and newer homes suffer from windows that have been nailed shut. Keep in mind, that air circulation isn’t the only reason to have functioning windows. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, you will need an escape route that only windows can offer.

Lack of natural lighting

Most homes suffer from the fact that they appear to be poorly lit and don’t take advantage of natural lighting. It not only cranks up the electricity bill, but really takes away from the functionality of the home. Take advantage of your large windows by using them as a natural light source and only cover the windows minimally with treatments such as curtains or blinds. Remember, plants need light and so do you!

Creating a multi-use room  

Don’t turn every room into a multi-use room because it can create a stressful environment. At first look, creating a craft, reading and office room all in one may seem great, but when you realise you barely use the room and just use it as your go-to storage space, it’s time to reconsider. Instead of imagining what you can do with the room, turn it into a space to do things you know you will do.

Disorganised kitchen space 

 A disorganised kitchen space can be the death of your kitchen. Consider what you need your kitchen to do and how many people will be using it. It is important that before a kitchen remodel, you are realistic about the space you will need and don’t cut corners that can cost you later.
Many homes suffer from poor design ideas and some of these design flaws can really hinder your ability to enjoy your home. Don’t make the same mistake others before you have made! Keep in consideration what you have learned here today.